What varieties of potatoes are there today?

Arabica coffee varieties are demanding to grow and grow in wild and artificially created regions. There are several dozen varieties of Arabica, but the most popular are Maragogipe, Typica, Bourbon, Katura, Aramosa, Bali and Shinzan. It is from them that the best varieties of Arabica coffee are prepared.

Few people imagine their usual morning without a traditional cup of coffee. But did you know that the first coffee bean was found in Africa, in Ethiopia. Later, the plant began to be transported to other countries. Now, under artificially created conditions, coffee trees are grown in regions where the climate is not conducive to the life of these plants. Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia make major contributions to the coffee industry.

What is Arabica

The designation on the can—Arabica coffee—is involuntarily associated with the name of the drink. However, this is not quite true. What is Arabica? In fact, it is a type of coffee tree, from the beans of which many types of coffee are produced. But we are more accustomed to calling all variations on the theme of this drink this way. The tree blooms with white flowers that open in the axils of the leaves. They say that the flowering period is an incredible beauty. But no one really saw it. It is impossible to catch flowering, because after 2 days everything falls off and fruits begin to set. This takes 9 months. The green color of the fruit gradually gives way to red. The pulp becomes juicy. Many local inhabitants of the animal world love to feast on the fruits of the coffee tree.

Popular potato varieties for Siberia

In Siberia, the conditions for growing potatoes are more severe: spring is late, autumn is early, and summer is very short. However, thanks to selection, many types and varieties of potatoes have been developed, allowing for a good harvest even in such areas. The following performed well:

  • Red Scarlett. A high-yielding variety with beautiful tubers covered with pink skin. Potatoes are not susceptible to fungal diseases and resist nematodes. Able to tolerate prolonged drought;
  • Gloria. Mid-early potatoes with excellent taste characteristics. It can be stored for a long time. From 1 hectare you can get more than 370 centners of selected tubers. Potatoes of this type are resistant to nematodes, scab, and potato cancer. However, it does not tolerate late blight very well, so it requires preventive treatments;
  • Ermak. A variety with increased yield and good taste. This is a variety of Early Rose. Quite resistant to many pathologies and parasites. Potatoes easily adapt to low temperatures and tolerate unfavorable climatic conditions.

Arabica coffee tree

The evergreen tree of the madder family is called Coffea Arabica. The plant reaches 10 meters in height in its natural environment. But it is not allowed to grow to such a state, otherwise harvesting the fruits will be labor-intensive and time-consuming, which will not affect the cost of the finished product for the better.

How did Arabica appear? Africa is the birthplace of the coffee tree and Arabica coffee. The shepherd was the first to notice the effect of the red berries. Goats that ate them were characterized by increased activity and endurance. The shepherd shared his observation with the abbot of the monastery. Thus, coffee berries became the diet of monks during long hours of prayer.

The appearance of the coffee tree is associated with cross-pollination of the small Eugenioides bush with Robusta, which already existed at that time. The small tree with the lowest caffeine content, Eugenioides, has many similarities to other coffee trees in terms of growth and fruit ripening. Therefore, it became the parent of a new species.


The letter “M” during fortune telling on coffee grounds will have the following interpretation for a career:

  1. Don't expect too much from your new position; it may not live up to your expectations.
  2. You may have to change your job to a more promising one.
  3. In order not to provoke difficulties, you should responsibly think through your plan of action.
  4. If you have any doubts about completing assigned tasks, you should ask management for advice.
  5. You should not make independent decisions if you are not sure of their correctness.

Where did Arabica originate?

Geographically, the Arabica tree appeared in territories that historically belonged to Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia. But the Ethiopians were the first to eat fruits in raw and boiled form. As trade relations with the Arabian Peninsula developed, coffee trees began to be grown there. In turn, the Arab world discovered the coffee drink thanks to the inhabitants of Arabia, so it began to be called Arabian. This is not entirely correct, since Africa is the ancestor. But centuries later it is difficult to change anything. Therefore, the second name of the drink is still used in everyday life - Arabian coffee.

Connection with other words

Words containing -coffee-:

  • tocopherol

Words starting with coffee:

  • coffee maker
  • coffee
  • caffeine
  • caffeineism
  • coffee maker
  • coffee
  • coffee shop
  • coffee pot
  • coffee shop
  • coffee
  • coffee house
  • coffee grinder
  • coenzyme

Hypo-hyperonymic relationships

coffee product

What is coffee like (adjectives)?

Selection of adjectives for words based on the Russian language.

hot strong black black morning cooled steaming fragrant fresh good Turkish real cold strongest sweet ground Brazilian brewed excellent thick bitter natural warm double tasty excellent liquid none fragrant caustic best cooked beautiful Colombian wonderful Arabic bad disgusting decent afternoon boiling wonderful Italian earthly necessary served drinking fried favorite magnificent bad normal expensive Irish evening ordinary yesterday's untouched crappy excellent brewed drenched French chilled

What can coffee do? What can you do with coffee (verbs)?

Selection of verbs for words based on the Russian language.

turn out to cool splash out drink run out spill boil stay seem drink cool get stand help boil wake up spill act cook render run away splash cook have time seem come out end cook refuse boil fill cost smoke fill make rise help splash appear make pour fill overflow soar rise invigorate hit pour out arrive have warm boil escape return burn arrive spill mix forget prepare pour pour spread ripen

Associations to the word coffee

milk cup hand cream cognac sugar table thermos bed cake bun caffeine mug living room kitchen liquor sandwich coffee pot morning tray chicory table brandy machine cup coffee maker ice office cafe bar stove toast donut pie night pie rum breakfast lip terrace house sink biscuit room Turk cigarette buffet restaurant milk day company saucer dining room dinner bagel library lemon room side floor fire veranda cinnamon knee

Hypernyms for coffee

  1. grain product
  2. drink drink

Scope of use of the word coffee

General vocabulary Food industry Slang Cooking Colloquial expression

Places of growth

If we consider in general the climatic and natural conditions favorable for the coffee tree, then most often these are places located at an altitude of 500-2500 meters above sea level. Favorable temperature for fruit ripening is 15-24°C. Each tree bears fruit for 50 years. This process is especially abundant during the first 15 years. In the mountains, the harvest is harvested once throughout the year, in the valleys - up to four times. A maximum of 5 kg of fruit can be collected from each tree. These yield only 1 kg of coffee beans.

Regions that gave us the taste of the best coffee


  • Chocolate flavor of Brazilian coffee Santos.
  • Grape, blackberry with a pleasant sweet sourness from Costa Rica.
  • Notes of watermelon or cherry with a nutty aftertaste - this is a drink from Honduras.
  • Mexican coffee is associated with fruit.


Coffee from the African continent is characterized by a medium to high density drink with weak acidity and an intense bitter or sweet taste. A distinctive feature of the countries of origin is the aftertaste. The drink from Zambia is characterized by caramel notes. For Rwanda - nuts, Yemen - wine, Kenya - citrus, Tanzania - spicy, Congo - tobacco.


Asian coffee is distinguished by its high density and strength. Local residents of India, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Vietnam prefer exclusively strong types of coffee. It is considered a man's drink and is combined with hookah smoking. Therefore, Asian manufacturers produce a drink that has notes of a herbal mixture, a creamy taste with moderate sourness.

Arabic coffee is the best gift brought from the UAE

I think many will agree with me that the best gift brought from another country is not a magnet, but, for example, some kind of sweet, spice or national drink. Those who disagree are also right. How many people, so many opinions. Visit the Emirates and come home without coffee?! This goes beyond my concept of what to bring as a gift or for yourself...

The UAE is a real paradise for a coffee lover. In general, it seems to me that when you step off the plane, the coffee-spicy aroma begins to haunt you, and when you go out into the city, nothing comes to mind until you enjoy the divine drink. And you don’t even need to ask where you can get coffee. This truly traditional drink is sold here at every turn. And what’s most interesting is that there is no single recipe for making coffee. Each time it is cooked in a new, different way, and therefore it can be confidently called a masterpiece of culinary art. Everyone who brews this divine drink has their own recipe, their own flavor. So my advice to you is to buy good coffee when traveling around the UAE, and in addition to it spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, thyme, vanilla and of course saffron.

I consider myself a coffee lover, I drink coffee 2-3 times a day, and the quality of both the preparation and the raw materials from which it is made is important to me. I think that I understand coffee more like 4 “-” than 3 “+”))))

Involuntarily, I had to study a little information regarding this issue, because very often tourists ask questions: “What is better to bring from the Emirates?”, “Where to buy real Arabic coffee?”, “What is the difference between Turkish and Arabic coffee?” and etc., etc. To the question: “Where can I drink Arabic coffee?”, I answer with confidence: “Wherever the aroma of this amazing drink comes from!” Still, you won’t find two identical recipes for making Arabic coffee.

In my opinion, coffee brewed in a small coffee shop is no worse, and maybe even better, than in a cafe or restaurant that specializes in something completely different. Well, if you take some oriental sweets with your coffee, a cake, or they offer you free dates and nuts with your coffee... This is the height of pleasure even for a sophisticated coffee lover.

To the question: “Where to buy?” I answer:

— It’s better to buy coffee at the Dubai Spicy Souk spice market; here you can also buy various spices, additives and herbs with which you will brew coffee for yourself or your family and friends, remembering an oriental fairy tale. Well, if you also buy all the attributes for preparing this divine drink and serve the divine drink according to all the rules of coffee etiquette, then consider that you have won their hearts.

Coffee is brewed exclusively in Turks or copper cezves with a long handle. Served in a coffee pot - dalle poured into small cups without handles - finjaan.

Copper cezves with a long handle.

Coffee attributes are cezves, Turks and dallas. Turks and cezves are one and the same. Turk, “Russified” cezve)))

Dalla and Finjaan.

Of course, there are a great many varieties of coffee on the market, but there are only 3 types of roasting beans.

Great photo found on the Internet! 3 degrees of roasting of coffee beans are visible.

How to choose? The secret is simple: beans that resemble coal in color are for Turkish coffee. Those that are lighter are for Viennese. But those that are lightly roasted and greenish-milky in color are just what you need for making Arabic coffee. I don’t know, but it seems to me that light Arabic coffee is not prepared without the addition of cardamom or saffron. Frankly speaking, I prefer a mixture of dark roasted beans with light roasted beans, when the beans are slightly touched by the heat of the flame, well, this is “Friendship of Peoples”)))

Before you buy this or that variety, you can try it; coffee pleasure costs ~ $3 per cup (7–12 Dirham). Not cheap, but if you are going to buy from 250 grams - 1000 kg, it's worth it. The grains can be ground and hermetically sealed right there in front of you. A kilogram of coffee costs ~30–35 Dirhams.

If you are not a fan of markets, then you can buy coffee in any large shopping mall.

There are also specialized stores, for example the most famous - Starbucks Coffee Shop - a real Coffee Mall. There, of course, there is air conditioning and you can drink coffee and cake and spend time among the intoxicating smells. Getting there is also easy: next to this store is the Dubai Metro Tower metro station.

Happy shopping and coffee drinking! Share your impressions.

Arabica beans

We offer a small life hack for choosing grains by appearance. You should not follow the original Russian rule in this matter - the more, the better. Large sizes do not indicate the quality of the product. It is necessary to choose oblong, oval-shaped grains. This is the typical format of the legendary Arabica grown. It can be very diverse in size - from small to huge.

Grain composition

  • Caffeine - 1-1.5%
  • Essential oils – 18%
  • Sugar - 8%.

After roasting, the color of the beans remains absolutely even over the entire surface due to their elongated size. This is an important difference between Arabica and Robusta, which does not demonstrate uniform shade.

Major global suppliers of coffee products

Coffee is produced in more than 50 countries around the world. Main importers of products:

  1. Brazil . The main varieties of coffee in the world are produced there. It imports 35% of coffee products, producing it using a dry processing method, and the quality of the drink then suffers.
  2. Vietnam . Over the past few years, it produces 20% of the world's coffee. Traditional exporters are Russia, Germany, Great Britain.
  3. Colombia . Produces the world's best Arabica coffee, which is known for its balanced taste.
  4. Mexico . It produces coffee in large volumes, but only the product that is grown on the mountain slopes is of interest. The rest is usually used in preparing mixtures.
  5. Nicaragua . Makes a strong drink with a sour taste, obtained after wet processing.
  6. Ethiopia . Varieties produced in the east of the country are known for their high acidity and winey taste, while those from the south have a bright, rich aroma and fruity taste.
  7. India . Produces monsoon green coffee with aromas of cardamom, nutmeg and cloves.
  8. Sumatra . The homeland of many varieties of drink with a bright taste and bitter smell.

In Russia, the prevalence of ground and bean coffee is constantly increasing, and in terms of the level of consumption of instant products, our country ranks first in the world ranking

How to select and store coffee beans

It is recommended to pour the beans from the original packaging into an airtight container with a lid. The container can be made of wood, glass, ceramics, metal. Natural materials do not negatively affect the quality of the product.

The main secret is that each variety is stored separately, even if you mix them during the cooking process. When storing different types together, the individual smell is lost, which leads to an incomprehensible taste of the drink.

Store jars on shelves with lockable doors. This way you protect from direct sun rays, waterlogging, and food odors. Do not place the jar on the shelf next to dried fruits, seasonings, or scented candles.

Classification of varieties by growth

There are many classifications of potato varieties. The crop is divided according to its purpose, region of growth, yield, ripening time and many other parameters.

Depending on their purpose, potatoes are divided into varieties:

  • dining room These are species intended for food consumption and have high, enhanced qualities;
  • technical. Types of potatoes used for making alcohol and starch;
  • stern Obtained specifically for livestock;
  • universal. These potatoes are suitable for any application.

There are many varieties of potatoes

Note! An important condition when choosing a variety is its ability to grow in a certain area. Southern ones will not produce crops in the Siberian climate, and species suitable for growing in cold conditions will not be able to tolerate heat and drought.

Five Factors Affecting the Taste of Arabica


The yield, taste, and quality of coffee depend on typical climatic conditions. These are air temperature, amount of precipitation and intensity of exposure to sunlight. Manufacturers have learned to influence the quality of mail using fertilizers and fertilizing.

Principle of fruit collection

The main slogan of an honest producer is that we collect only ripe berries. But for this it is necessary to motivate the pickers - the harvesters, who are the poorest segments of the population. For this purpose, guest workers are even invited, to whom the principle of work is explained. The collected fruits are sorted, so it’s easier to do your job efficiently from the beginning.


The choice of bean processing method directly affects the taste and aroma of the finished coffee.

Genetic mutation

Mutation of coffee plants can be natural or artificial when a grower plants trees for crossbreeding in hopes of producing a variety of flavors.

Varieties suitable for the Moscow region

The climate of the Moscow region is varied: both prolonged rains and prolonged drought with elevated temperatures are possible. The soil is not particularly fertile, so the best choice would be unpretentious and disease-resistant potato varieties whose tubers ripen quickly. These include:

  • Nevsky. These potatoes are mid-early, the tubers ripen in about 85 days. On average, from a bush you can get 12-15 potatoes weighing up to 140 g. Nevsky can be used for any purpose, it has an excellent taste and is stored unchanged for a long time;
  • Lorch belongs to the late variety, but is very loved by gardeners and farmers in the Moscow region because of its pleasant taste. Potatoes can be stored for a long period and are versatile. Tuber weight 140 g;
  • Sineglazka. Mid-early type of potato with high yield. The vegetable has excellent taste characteristics and the ability to be stored for a long time (but only in small quantities). Potatoes are not susceptible to fungi. It belongs to the table species.

Potato Nevsky


The more we delve into the topic - what Arabica coffee is, the more clear it becomes, how much we still don’t know, the history of the drink of the gods is so multifaceted. To summarize, we can say the following.

  • The birthplace of the drink is Ethiopia.
  • Collecting, processing and roasting is a lot of painstaking work for many people.
  • It is better to try coffee varieties produced in different countries to choose the one that suits your taste.
  • Instant coffee is not the generally accepted “drink of the gods” with an amazing taste, despite the fact that Arabica is also added to it.
  • Arabica is a type of coffee bean with many varieties.
  • The best roast is traditionally considered medium, but we do not limit your choice and do not impose our taste.

Please note that the inscription on the label 100% Arabica means nothing. This is not a guarantee of quality or great taste. You need to go a long way, try different varieties, to understand for yourself which one is really number one.

Finally, a few recommendations

  1. The question arises: if Arabica coffee varieties are sold in their pure form, why not Robusta as a single variety? Experts say that Robusta is so cheap that after drinking a cup of coffee from it, you will be surprised why this swill is called a divine drink. To save costs, it was decided to mix Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties with each other and with the addition of other types.
  2. You should try blends of Arabica beans first; if you don’t have enough strength in your drink, try adding a small amount of Robusta. You can also experiment by mixing Arabica, Robusta, and Mocha coffee varieties.
  3. In the classic combination, Arabica and Robusta varieties are mixed in a ratio of 82:18. If the packaging says that there is more than 18% robusta, this means that the manufacturer was greedy and saved money. Saving on the Arabica variety leads to a deterioration in the taste of the drink. The maximum permissible percentage of robusta should not exceed 20 percent.

Why does coffee sour?

Sometimes a prepared drink has a sour taste, and an unprepared person may think that it is spoiled, which is completely wrong. He probably just hasn’t come across the concept of sourness in coffee yet.

This is a mandatory property of all Arabica beans: the higher the trees grow, the more sour the drink from the beans will be. Robusta does not have this quality.

In addition, the taste of the drink depends on the degree of roasting. If the beans are lightly roasted, then the coffee will definitely be sour, and if the beans have acquired a black tint, then in most cases it will not be sour, but will rather be bitter.

How many varieties of coffee are there in the world?

The number of existing types of coffee cannot be accurately counted; there are more than a thousand options.

The most common coffee variety in the world is Arabica . Next in popularity is Congolese coffee, also known as Robusta . Less common are Liberica and Excelsa .

Budget coffees

Many varieties of coffee beans are relatively inexpensive and available for general consumption. They are easy to purchase at your local store. The best varieties of them include:

  • Santos Brazil;
  • Conilon;
  • Tapanchula;
  • Nicaragua Maragojit;
  • Koumana;
  • Koro;
  • Merida;
  • Bugisha;
  • Martinique.
  • Knowing the characteristics of the main varieties of coffee will allow you to make the right choice when purchasing. Each consumer will be able to purchase a suitable product that suits him in terms of price and quality.

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