What is the best coffee for Turkish coffee? Main criteria and characteristics of quality grains

Morning, noon and evening; with milk, sugar, salt and just like that; hot and iced coffee.

True connoisseurs of the “drink of the gods” ignore the instant version and prepare it only in a Turk.

Gourmets take the choice of raw materials very seriously.

Here's what they pay attention to:

Variety There are only three of them.

Arabica is the most expensive and widespread.

Robusta is strong and bitter. Sometimes manufacturers mix these two types in different proportions.

Liberica - weak, but fragrant. Not produced on an industrial scale.

Place of growth.

Brazilian coffee tastes like nutty chocolate, while Kenyan coffee tastes like fruity wine. The Indonesian drink has a candy sourness with spices, while the Cuban drink smells of tobacco.

Roasting. The stronger, the stronger. Tastes could not be discussed.

Manufacturer. Well-known brands have been tested by time and customers. They are flawless and safe. Experts do not advise taking a “pig in a poke.”

Supplements Usually these are artificial flavors: amaretto, coconut, cognac.

Ground. It loses its aroma faster and absorbs foreign odors.

Based on knowledge and their own taste, experts have identified the ten best types of invigorating drink.

The best bean coffee for Turkish

True connoisseurs of the invigorating drink use exclusively coffee beans, grinding them themselves in a coffee grinder. The drink prepared in this way turns out to be the most aromatic, since the finished powder does not have time to fizzle out and lose its original smell and taste. But to truly enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee, you need to choose the right beans. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the best, according to amateurs, varieties and brands of bean coffee, which is recommended for brewing in a Turk.

Recommendations for choosing coffee

  1. The most important thing is the type of coffee.
    Popular varieties are Arabica and Robusta. The highest quality and richest drink is obtained from Arabica. But robusta also has its advantages - it adds strength and bitterness. Connoisseurs of exotic species will appreciate grains with chocolate or fruity notes.
  2. The place where coffee grows
    also matters and determines the taste of the drink. For example, grains grown in Brazil will have a chocolate-nut flavor, in Kenya - fruity and wine-like notes, in Indonesia - candy sourness and aromatic spices, in Cuba - tart tobacco and chocolate notes.
  3. The next criterion for choosing delicious Turkish coffee is roasting
    . This process determines the strength and aroma of the drink. There are light, medium and strong roasts. For connoisseurs of rich flavor and bitterness, the latter option is suitable. And for those who like softness, it is better to choose a low or medium roast.
  4. It is especially important to pay attention to the manufacturer before purchasing Turkish coffee .
    Experts advise giving preference to a well-known brand that has a quality certificate and positive reviews from customers.
  5. Additives
    also determine the taste of the drink. Now in the store you can find a wide variety of types of coffee with the taste of amaretto, coconut, fruit, nut and more. But most additives are synthetic. Therefore, it is better for connoisseurs of natural products to avoid these types of drinks and add spices to it themselves.
  6. Ground coffee
    quickly loses its freshness and taste, which is why it is important to pay attention to the date of its manufacture. It is best to buy beans from places where the product is ground immediately before packaging and sale. It is equally important that the packaging for coffee that can be brewed in a Turk is solid. This will allow you to preserve the unique taste and aroma for a long time.

Coffee storage conditions

There are general storage rules:

  1. The storage temperature should not be higher than +16 degrees and fall below +13 degrees.
  2. The room humidity should be approximately 55%. It is not recommended to store the product near the stove, where food is constantly being prepared.
  3. An airtight container is used for storage. On sale you can find special jars with latches and tight lids, as well as vacuum bags.
  4. Factory bags of grains are stored for about two years, but after opening the vacuum bag, the grains must be ground immediately. The powder should not be stored for longer than two weeks.
  5. Professionals advise storing grains in the freezer, but before doing so, pack them in portioned sealed bags.

Important! Re-freezing beans is prohibited! The contents of the portioned package are defrosted and used immediately.

Brand history

Coffee beans are roasted daily.
And immediately automatic machines pack freshly roasted coffee into bags with a valve and in vacuum packaging. An acute shortage of inexpensive but high-quality tea and coffee prompted three businessmen to launch their own production in 1994. specialized in the production of Ceylon tea. After some time, production began to bring good profits to its owners, and the company gradually became one of the largest suppliers.

The Jockey brand appeared back in 1999. Several varieties of ground and bean coffee appeared on the market under this brand. Initially, the coffee production process took place abroad, but a year later they opened their own workshop in which coffee was roasted. This part of the enterprise is located next to the tea-packing factory.

Packaging in glass jars and soft packaging is also fully automated - the operator sets the necessary parameters and controls the process

Already in 2020, the figures reached 155 tons of coffee under the Jockey and Jardin brands. Thanks to the special Aromafit valve, all products retain their aroma for a long time. This is one of the most important benefits of coffee. The production of soluble products is established at a factory located abroad. Arabica beans are sourced from 15 different countries.

Today it owns 2 large enterprises, which are located in St. Petersburg and in the Leningrad region (Sverdlova village). There is also a subsidiary company in Ukraine (near Kiev), 20% of its products are sold on the Ukrainian market.

Ground coffee is packaged in vacuum packs - this packaging technology reliably preserves taste and aroma, since it completely eliminates contact of coffee with oxygen

Ormi Trade products are very popular in Germany, and therefore the company decided to build an enterprise for the production of instant coffee. It will begin to operate in mid-2020, and then production will be carried out in Russia.

Buyers' interest in the brand is due to the production of original flavored drinks. Among them are drinks with chocolate, nut and even orange flavors.

How to store ground coffee?

To obtain an exquisite taste, it is important how long ago the package was opened.
The maximum permissible period is 1-2 weeks, subject to proper storage. This is why most packages of ground coffee are sold in packages of no more than 250-500 grams. You can store coffee in branded packaging, provided that it can be sealed, or pour it into its own container. Coffee in sealed branded packaging retains its original taste and aroma for 18-24 months if stored under the right conditions. The ideal place is a cool place in the closet. Direct rays of light and access to air mercilessly destroy the most valuable properties of grains. Do not store an open pack next to spices and seasonings, as coffee can pick up odors, which ultimately will critically affect the taste of the finished drink.

The most suitable blend of coffee beans for Turkish coffee

To prepare delicious espresso, you can also choose grain mixtures.

  1. One of the best is Pauling Arabic. The brand is represented by a Finnish coffee company. The coffee it produces is balanced and rich. The raw materials for its preparation are collected in different parts of the world, including Brazil. The degree of roasting is medium.
  2. A richer espresso can be brewed from the Melange mixture . A pleasant flavor bouquet and slight sourness are what distinguishes this product from others. The grains for its grinding are collected on the best plantations in Central America.

Pauling Arabic


We choose a product depending on the country of origin

The same grapevine variety produces berries that are very different in their taste characteristics. Likewise, the yield of an Arabica tree depends largely on terroir. Climate, soils and altitude above sea level affect the grains. It's hard to say which coffee is best for Turkish coffee. In reviews, gourmets praise different varieties, and depending on your taste preferences, you can choose the manufacturer that suits you. So, let's look at the map of countries where coffee is grown.

  • Ethiopia. The homeland of Arabica, produces excellent quality beans. The drink brewed from them is strong and has a chocolate taste with light wine and spicy notes.
  • Yemen and Kenya. Medium acidity, high caffeine content. The aromas of green apple and citrus are clearly felt in the bouquet.
  • India. Beans from this country will appeal to those who do not like sourness. The drink has a bittersweet taste of dark chocolate.
  • Tanzania. AA is considered the best variety from this country. The drink has a velvety soft taste with notes of almond.
  • Brazil. Soils contain quinine, which is why coffee often has an unpleasant medicinal smell. Grains from Brazil are used in blends to give the melange strength and expressiveness.
  • Qubit. Single-varietal coffee from Liberty Island is rarely found on sale because it has high acidity. It is used for blends. But those who have tried pure coffee from Cuba claim that the drink has a delicious vanilla taste with the aroma of cigars.
  • Indonesia. The taste of coffee contains the sweetness and spiciness of spices. The bouquet is woven from an amazing mixture of honey, cardamom and spices.
  • Burundi. For those who love sourness, this is the best bean coffee for Turkish coffee. The aroma reveals berries, fruits and flowers.
  • Salvador. Natural sweetness allows you to not even add sugar to the drink!
  • Brazil. The country is large enough to produce drinks with different flavors. Santos with distinct chocolate notes is popular.

Which coffee to choose: beans, powder or capsules

  1. Grain products are considered the best for Turks. Ground beans immediately before use will impart aroma and taste to the drink. Only in this case the drink will be as tasty and rich as possible.
  2. Grinding coffee beans is necessary so that the drink can be brewed. This process is necessary for all cooking methods: in a Turk, coffee maker, coffee machine. When purchasing ready-made ground powder, we open the vacuum packaging, after which the contents release their aroma and quickly absorb foreign odors. Therefore, it is important to properly store the contents of the opened package.
  3. A capsule product is ground coffee packed in a disposable vacuum capsule. The drink from the capsule is aromatic and rich.

What kind of coffee should be brewed in a Turkish coffee pot? It is advisable to first grind a portion of the grains, and then brew a drink from the resulting powder in a Turk.


An excellent variety of invigorating budget drink with a bright aroma, among analogues - the really best
Jockey does not pretend to be an elite coffee, so customers treat the brand with loyalty and respect. At a low cost, it exceeds all expectations. In the assortment it is easy to choose a drink for every day that would delight you with its pleasant notes and lift your spirits. The quality of the coffee is at a high level, the company's turnover speaks for itself. It also happens that coffee is not to your taste due to individual preferences. Here, as they say, it comes down to taste and color.

Briefly about brands

And now let’s talk more specifically about what kind of coffee will definitely be worth the money spent. It has already been said that it is better to grind the beans yourself. Therefore, let's start with whole raw materials. In the rating of the best brands of Turkish coffee beans, you can safely add 5 positions:

  • Molinari Qualità Rosso. Expensive, but a very good blend with chocolate-tart notes from an Italian roaster.
  • Julius Meinl Wiener Mokka. 100% Arabica from Brazil, Viennese processed. Rich bouquet of taste and aroma.
  • Lavazza Qualità Oro. The creation of the leader of the Italian coffee industry is a blend of Arabica beans from Central America and Brazil. Sweetish coffee turns into a fruity and honey aftertaste.
  • J ardin Guatemala Cloud Forest. Russian product for lovers of traditional taste. Everything is in moderation here: acid, bitterness, sweetness and strength.
  • Paulig Classic for Turks. A traditional drink from a Finnish brand. Rich coffee is good both in its pure form and with milk.

If household circumstances do not allow you to grind at home, then at least you should buy a good crushed product. The rating of the best ground coffee for Turkish will help you not to make a mistake:

  1. Julius Meinl Jubileum. Strong Viennese coffee from selected fruits. Geography: Central America and Papua New Guinea.
  2. Dallmayr Prodomo. Raw materials from high mountain plantations in different countries undergo a special procedure to remove bitterness. The drink is soft and noble.
  3. Goppion caffe. Selected Arabica beans from Nicaragua and Brazil give a pleasant chocolate aftertaste with floral notes.
  4. Mr. Viet Arabica. This premium coffee must be prepared according to special instructions on the package. The taste of biscuit and ice cream is a distinctive feature of the brand.
  5. Lebo Extra for Turkish people. The Russian brand is in great demand in the inexpensive segment. A classic drink with a balanced taste and aroma.

Grinding secrets

Each drink preparation technology requires a special degree of grinding of the grains. For example, if you brew coffee in a French press, you need a coarse grind. The particle sizes during this grinding exceed 1 mm. This way they stay securely at the bottom of the French press and don't end up in the cup. The classic Italian type geyser coffee pot uses medium grinding powder. Boiling water, passing through it, fully reveals all the taste and aromatic properties.

Fine (also called ultrafine) grinding is used for espresso. The technology of this drink is such that hot steam is passed through the powder. What grind of coffee is best for Turkish coffee? The thinnest one is the one in which the grains are crushed “into dust”. Often the product packages specifically indicate that it is intended for brewing the drink in a cezve. This is evidenced by the inscriptions: “For Turkish”, “Oriental coffee” or “Turkish”.

What is Jockey coffee made from?

Special roasting of the beans allows us to obtain a product that meets the tastes of each customer.
The company works with Robusta and Arabica, purchasing coffee from all regions where it grows. To better reveal certain characteristics of coffee, each variety is roasted separately and, if necessary, a mixture is created in certain proportions. Hundreds of kilograms of beans are roasted daily and packaged there.

Manual production time has been eliminated and the entire process is controlled by robotic computers. The operator sets the required values, thus achieving the best quality of the product. There are no doubts about the quality, because... The plant has passed European certification.

Signs of quality coffee beans

You should not drink instant coffee, because it will not be possible to check the quality of the raw materials for its preparation. To experience maximum pleasure from the ceremony, espresso must be made from natural ingredients, that is, from coffee beans.

First, pay attention to the integrity of the beans. Their structure should be uniform. The presence of nicks, scratches and cracks indicates improper storage of the fruit. It is also possible that they were damaged during transportation. But in any case, low-quality raw materials will have to be removed.

Evaluate the color of the grains. They should be bright green and shiny. The oily shell indicates freshness. If it is not there, the fruits were probably overexposed in the storage room.

Roasting secrets

Raw grains are supplied to the wholesale market. This makes them easier to transport, because fried beans are brittle and absorb moisture like a sponge. Raw coffee has a pale or light green appearance and is completely unappetizing. And the grains taste like bitter burnt rubber or poorly roasted peanuts. Different countries that buy raw materials and package them use their own roasting methods.

Italian was recognized as the best. We will not go into the intricacies of technology here. Let's just say that beans roasted using this method give an abundant foam cap on the surface of the drink. In addition, the Italian type allows the beans to be stored for a long time without losing their aroma.

There are three degrees of roasting. When weak, the grains have a light brown color. Medium roast gives the coffee a hint of chocolate. A strong degree of heat treatment brings the grains to a dark brown, almost black color. Then a bitterness and a smoky smell appears. A good Turkish coffee is one that has undergone a strong or medium roast.

Jockey 3 in 1

The classic “3 in 1” portioned coffee made by “Jockey” turns into a bright sweet drink with a rich creamy flavor.
Small sachets are presented. Coffee, sugar and milk in different proportions. For those who often travel or are away from home, this option is simply a godsend. It is important to note that such drinks are high in calories (about 50 kcal in one cup). Therefore, people who care about their health and figure should use it with caution.

Jardin Dessert Cup

Joint production Switzerland - Russia. Premium coffee at an affordable price. Three hundred for a beautiful vacuum box.

Do you treat yourself to elite varieties of coffee? Is it true that substitutes (oats and chicory) are healthier than the original?

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Article publication date: 08/26/2020

The benefits or harms of coffee

The maximum recommended amount of this decoction is 5-7 cups per day. It is completely safe for a healthy person. But, if the body is susceptible to any chronic disease, then drinking such a volume of invigorating liquid can lead to some discomfort in the form of increased heart rate, increased irritability, anxiety, chills or trembling. Therefore, when using several cups of aromatic infusion, it is recommended to carefully monitor your health.

But, basically, the decoction brewed in Turk has a beneficial effect on the well-being and health of its lovers. Namely:

  • for women prone to frequent depressed mood, it is enough to drink 4 cups of drink a day to protect themselves from this condition;
  • being a moderate stimulant, it helps to sharpen vision, increases concentration, improves thinking processes, and activates the motor system;
  • according to recent conclusions of medical experts, coffee infusion is on a par with substances that help the body fight gout;
  • Thanks to the caffeine included in the drink, after drinking a cup your heart rate and pulse increase. It has a vasodilating effect on the vessels of the brain and kidneys, which ensures more active blood circulation throughout the body;
  • Based on numerous studies, scientists were able to establish that people who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day are 1/3 less susceptible to secondary myocardial infarction than patients who completely excluded this drink from the list of consumed products. This is based on the presence in the infusion of a substance that can thin the blood, thereby protecting blood vessels from the formation of blood clots, which are the cause of myocardial infarction;
  • also, based on the observations of specialists, it was concluded that those who drink large amounts of the drink have the lowest risk of developing type 2 diabetes;
  • fibrous tissue formed during liver diseases, when used in the diet of a decoction, significantly slows down its growth.

An interesting fact, according to scientists, is that with prolonged contemplation of the dark brown color of the aromatic infusion, people become more loyal, sincere and compassionate, their mood improves and the charge of vigor and positivity increases.

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