10 cool iced coffee recipes with chocolate, banana, ice cream and more

This article is for those who want to learn how to brew delicious Turkish coffee. Making coffee in a Turk is simple. You need to pour ground coffee into a Turk, add water and heat it. But how much coffee should you put in the Turk? Of course, everything depends on the quality of the coffee bean and the quantity of coffee. If you add little coffee, the drink will turn out thin and weak; if you add too much coffee, the drink will turn out bitter and strong. It all depends on what kind of coffee you like. If this is your first experience in making coffee, we recommend using our measuring chart. And then you decide what dosage of coffee you like best.

What is the name of coffee with chocolate?

The history of the creation of this drink is full of mysteries. It is believed that the first people who thought of mixing sweet bars and coffee beans were Latin Americans. Then the recipe became widely known in Europe.

Coffee brewed using these 2 components is called “mocha”. In Western Europe, chocolate coffee is called “moccaccino”. But here they cook it differently than in America. This product rather resembles cappuccino rather than traditional espresso.

Regardless of the name, the drink, brewed in Turk based on ground Arabica beans and cocoa product, has amazing aromatic and taste qualities.


In coffee shops, as a rule, the choice of syrups is amazing in its diversity. Chocolate, nut, caramel, mojito, vanilla, pistachio - everyone will find an option to suit their taste. There is nothing stopping you from having the same wide range of syrups at home. Buy miniature versions for personal use, which are smaller in volume than bottles from coffee shops, because the syrup consumption is not so much.

Syrup is usually added to lattes. Its delicate milky texture goes well with a slightly sugary taste. Although you shouldn’t push yourself into limits. Experiment and always keep on hand a couple of your favorite syrups that make your favorite coffee even tastier.

Types of chocolate for coffee

To emphasize the exquisite bitterness of espresso, it is recommended to choose a sweet with a high cocoa content (more than 70%). Coffee with dark chocolate will turn out delicious if you brew it with freshly ground beans.


  • cocoa syrup;
  • cocoa powder;
  • white, milk or dark chocolate;

Each bar contains a large amount of carbohydrates, minerals and enzymes. It turns out that drinking espresso with the addition of this sweetness is not only tasty, but also healthy.

When brewed correctly, you can enjoy the ceremony. Chocolate for coffee can be anything, the main thing is that it does not contain flavorings or food additives. This will ruin the taste of the cocktail.

The most common option is to use dairy. Dissolving it in hot espresso will give a creamy aftertaste. In addition, it perfectly softens the bitterness of Robusta or the sourness of Arabica.

melted chocolate

Composition of mochaccino coffee

The recipe combines ingredients such as strong espresso, chocolate and milk. The cooking sequence is as follows: first pour melted chocolate or chocolate syrup, then pour warm milk on top, and finally add strong coffee. You can use cocoa powder instead of chocolate.

If desired, all the ingredients can be mixed, but in a transparent wine glass the layers will look impressive if they are separated. The mochaccino is topped with whipped cream and grated chocolate. But in America they do it a little differently. A strong espresso is brewed, then cream is added on top and decorated with chocolate chips. The chocolate flavor will be more pronounced in this version. The European recipe produces a more delicate chocolate-creamy flavor.

Mochaccino layers

Cooking methods

There are many recipes for coffee with chocolate. They differ not only in ingredients, but also in the temperature of the liquid. Some people prefer hot, sweet espresso, others prefer cold. Let's look at the best options for preparing it.

Traditional mocha

This is the classic way to make moccacino. Ingredients:

  • ground coffee;
  • milk;
  • chocolate bar;
  • sugar (to taste).

First you need to brew espresso. It is more convenient to do this in a coffee maker, but you can also use a Turk. To preserve the maximum aroma potential of coffee beans, it is recommended to grind them immediately before preparation.

Get busy with the chocolate bar. It needs to be melted in a water bath. While the melting process is taking place, add warm milk to the container with the sweetness. It should not be brought to a boil, otherwise the coffee will turn out tasteless.

Mix both preparations. Sweeten the drink to taste. If you wish, you can decorate it with whipped cream.

Spicy coffee

This is a Brazilian variety of espresso. In this hot country, people prefer aromatic, invigorating coffee brewed with spices. Ingredients required to prepare the drink:

  • ground Arabica;
  • mineral water;
  • cinnamon;
  • cardamom;
  • bitter chocolate;
  • salt;
  • granulated sugar;
  • cream.

Take the Turk. Pour spices and coffee beans into it. Fill with water. Place the container on low heat. The liquid should simmer for 2 minutes, then foam will rise to the top. Do not turn off the heat, just take the Turk away from the stove so that the cream settles. Repeat this action 2 times.

During cooking, you will feel the pleasant spicy aroma of cardamom and cinnamon spreading throughout the house.

Prepare chocolate and cream. Combine both ingredients and place them in a water bath for a couple of minutes. This time is enough for the sweetness to completely melt.

Strain the hot espresso. Mix it with melted dark chocolate and cream. Add sugar as desired. The drink is drunk hot.

Cold moccacino

They prefer to make this type of coffee in the hot summer to relax and cool down. Grocery list:

  • ground Arabica or Robusta;
  • granulated sugar;
  • mineral water;
  • milk;
  • whipped cream;
  • chocolate;
  • mint;
  • ice.

First you need to brew traditional espresso. This can be done using a Turkish coffee pot or coffee maker. It needs to be strained and left to cool.

moccaccino in a glass

Next, you will need to use a mixer to beat the milk, chocolate and sugar. First you need to work at minimum speed. They should be increased gradually. Beating time – 3-4 minutes. If you do everything correctly, you will get a fluffy, creamy mass.

Mix the strained and cooled drink with this preparation. Garnish iced coffee with chocolate with whipped cream and mint.

How many grams of coffee in a coffee machine

In an automatic bean coffee machine, the weight of ground coffee (and accordingly the amount of beans used) for one coffee tablet (that is, for one grind) depends on:

  1. Set to “strength” in the settings.
  2. The program used. There are special ones, for examples see the material about Delonghi recipes.
  3. Brewing device designs.

There can be from one strength (there is no strength adjustment) to 10-12 (for Jura flagships, for example). Each manufacturer usually uses only 1-2 types of brewing devices for all of their coffee machines. Plus, almost all machines have an automatic adjustment system that can make +/- gram adjustments. Below are the theoretical possible values ​​for modern models.

Minimum strengthMaximum strength

Once again: these are theoretical values, real ones may differ depending on the grain itself, the degree of grinding, and adjustments to the adaptive system.

If you want to know the amount of beans ground at each intermediate strength for your automatic coffee machine, then divide the range of possible values ​​(max-min) by the “number of strength levels minus one” - you will get a step of each degree.

For example : Saeco coffee machine with five levels of strength. Fork 11 - 7 = 4 grams. “The number of degrees of strength minus one” = 5 - 1 = 4. Divide four by four = 1 gram - this is the strength step. The minimum, also known as the first, is 7 grams, two grains are 8 grams, three grains are 9 grams, the fourth degree is 10 grams, the fifth maximum strength is 11 grams.

How many grams of coffee are in a complete coffee machine measuring spoon?

All automatic coffee machines that can handle pre-ground coffee come with a measuring spoon. Different brands have measuring spoons of different shapes, but they all have almost the same capacity - 8-9 grams of ground coffee, for Phillips/Saeco, for Delonghi, for Bosch.

But you need to understand that this figure is even more approximate than when it comes to a teaspoon or tablespoon. First of all, 8-9 grams is the capacity without a mound, and when you scoop, you are sure to add a couple of grams on top. Secondly, I repeat, the grammage is influenced by the variety itself and the grinding. Since you use the included measuring spoon for your coffee machine, it means that the coffee most likely came from a store-bought pack of ground coffee, but their grind varies greatly, and you can no longer influence it. But be that as it may, aim for 8-9 grams.

How many servings does a 250 g and 1 kg pack of coffee last?

Also a popular question from owners of grain machines. Moreover, this question is often asked by people who use or plan to use the machine in commerce. But people at home are also interested, thinking about how to save on grain, or planning the family budget...

The calculation method is simple and directly depends on how much coffee is used for each individual brew. Above in the table I have described the fork strength for each brand. You must calculate how many grams are used at your strength for your coffee machine and divide the mass of a pack of beans by this figure, be it 250, 500 grams, or a kilogram. Below in the table are approximate portions that can be prepared from one pack of grains. You should never take these numbers as ultimatums, they are just a guideline, the machine can always use at least +/- 1 gram for each preparation.

250 g at min. strength250 g at max strength1 kg at min. strength1 kg at max strength

Example: if you brew espresso and any drinks based on it at maximum strength (and this is usually the case), there are two of you and you drink 2 servings a day, then on average, with almost any coffee machine, a 250-gram pack will go away in just 5 days . So you shouldn’t be surprised “where so many grains fly away.”

How much to weigh in grams

Benefit for health

When brewed correctly, coffee with dark chocolate is not only tasty, but also very healthy. Few people know, but coffee beans are a natural “drug”. Assimilated by the body, they give a slight feeling of euphoria.

This drink is consumed all over the world to cheer up. And adding chocolate allows you to give it unusual flavor notes.

When consumed in moderation, it stimulates intestinal function. But drinking more than 3 cups of espresso per day is highly not recommended, as this, on the contrary, will lead to dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

As for chocolate, its consumption stimulates the body's production of endorphin, the hormone of happiness.

Is it possible to drink iced coffee: pros and cons

Benefits of drinking cold brew:

  1. Perfectly quenches thirst.
  2. Can be used as a light and quick snack due to the high calorie content of the product.
  3. Invigorates and gives strength due to the caffeine content.
  4. Activation of mental activity, memory development.
  5. Useful during physical activity - it stimulates the body to obtain energy from burning fats rather than carbohydrates.

Therefore, if there are no heart diseases and no caffeine intolerance, then a person can periodically treat himself to cold coffee.


  1. Caffeine is addictive and is not recommended in large quantities.
  2. Caffeine can also stain tooth enamel, so if you want to have a Hollywood smile, you should reduce your consumption of even cold drinks.
  3. When preparing iced coffee with additives, the calorie content of the product increases, this should also be taken into account.
  4. Excessive consumption of the drink can lead to allergies to both caffeine and additional ingredients.

According to research by Frank Hu, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, cold coffee has more beneficial properties than hot coffee and has a better effect on the body.

Rating of the most revered brands among coffee lovers:


Production is in Switzerland and Russia. The brand has products of different varieties, degrees of roasting, grinding, and blends. All packages have a strength scale. It owes its popularity to the ratio of price and quality. According to consumers - one of the best ground coffee in Russia;


An Italian brand that cares about customers with different preferences. It produces ground coffee, beans, for geyser, carob and other types of coffee makers, for brewing and even decaffeinated. It has a huge range of different tastes and aromas. The drink of this brand has a soft, delicate taste and incredible aroma that will put you in the mood for the whole day;


Finnish brand. Well-balanced classic taste and low price are suitable for avid conservatives. Works great with any cooking method. Due to its purity of taste, it is well suited for various coffee drinks. An excellent option for ground coffee for brewing in a cup;

Live coffee

Trademark from Russia. High-quality raw materials from 100% Arabica coffee and environmentally friendly packaging have brought this brand to the forefront. The manufacturer also has a patented innovative roasting technology and thanks to it, coffee beans reveal their best qualities. The name of this brand is not accidental: since the product is processed and packaged in Russia, the consumer receives the freshest coffee;

Julius Meinl

Austrian coffee brand. Excellent for carob coffee makers, therefore widely used in coffee shops and restaurants. Perfect for strong drinks. Another advantage of this brand is the wide selection of different coffee blends. Overall a good ground coffee for the coffee maker;


Italian brand. It has a high strength due to its dark roasting. The taste is very rich with subtle notes of chocolate and spice. Well suited for coffee machines, but will also perfectly reveal its taste when brewed in a cup;


Brand from Italy. It appeared in Russia relatively recently. The raw materials are environmentally friendly. It is considered quite expensive, but it is better than others for espresso and Turkish coffee;


And again, coffee from Italy. A wide variety of blends for making espresso. Has a medium strength;


The German brand is well known in Russia. The taste is rich with a slight bitterness, medium or weak strength. Popular with those who love consistency;


Italian coffee brand. Doesn't have a lot of variety. Has a good price for natural ground coffee. It has a mild, non-intrusive taste. However, since ground coffee is not stored for long, there are those who prefer to grind the beans themselves, and therefore, for those who like their own grinding, the top best coffee beans are also presented:

  1. movepick;
  2. Lavazza;
  3. Jardin;
  4. Paulig;
  5. Kimbo.
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