Latte with caramel differs from the traditional drink in taste, serving method and preparation. Ingredient proportions

Milk is not just a healthy product that both adults and children love, it is also the basis for such an exquisite drink as latte coffee. It was milk-based cocktails, of which there are a great many in Italian cuisine, that became the basis for the world’s favorite latte. But if earlier the main component of the drink was still milk, then after the invention of special machines for making espresso, which, by the way, were also invented by the Italians, the proportions of the cocktail changed, and it became more invigoratingly coffee-like. In addition, the famous milk foam appeared, which was not at all difficult to create using a cappuccino machine. Well, since milk ceased to be the basis, but became an additive, the drink itself changed its name significantly and turned from an ordinary “milk” latte into a coffee latte (with emphasis on the first syllable!). This must be remembered, given the Italian origin of the drink. But since the Italians did not plan to stop at either espresso or “milk” coffee, very soon the world saw new delights, the best among which, deservedly, is considered to be the caramel latte.

By the way, Italians prefer the former between espresso and “milk” coffee. While Europeans definitely choose the traditional latte. But latte with caramel has no competitors either in Europe, or in the USA, or in Italy itself and is considered one of the most beloved, or rather the most adored drink, and this is not surprising.

Secrets of making caramel latte

In order to understand how to prepare a caramel latte, you need to study the technology for preparing the traditional, that is, the original drink. So, to create a traditional latte, you need to carry out several steps, including:

  • making espresso;
  • steaming milk;
  • “mixing” black invigorating drink and milky air foam.

It seems simple at first glance, especially if you use a special espresso machine equipped with special functions for frothing milk. But the last stage - the stage of mixing, or rather adding one component to another, requires great skill from the barista. After all, coffee needs to be poured in a thin stream into a glass of foamed milk so that you get a two or even three-layer cocktail. And don’t forget about decorating this masterpiece, that is, creating a pattern on milk foam.

Flowers, inscriptions, numbers, and even images of people can be used as a subject for a “picture.” It all depends on the skill of the barista and how he mastered the art latte. This is a traditional recipe for making a regular latte. Well, in order to improve the taste, or rather to make it even more original, the Italians decided to add caramel syrup to it. It was this additive that made it possible to create caramel latte coffee, which is considered both more refined and more delicate in taste.

But ladies who are too jealous of their figure should not indulge themselves often with this delicacy. After all, the calorie content of a latte with “nutritious” caramel is several times higher than that of regular coffee with milk, and even more so than that of ascetic espresso. But the temptation is too great, especially since preparing this drink with the “taste of childhood” is not at all difficult. Return to content

Coffee recipes with syrup

At home, you can prepare a syrup for coffee that is suitable for many other dishes, from soaking cake layers to decorating vanilla ice cream.

You can make fragrant natural vanilla syrup at home, all you need to do is find a natural vanilla pod. You can buy this spice in special spice stores or confectionery shops. For the serving below you will need only 1 pod.

  • pour sugar into a saucepan and pour in water in a ratio of 1:1.5;
  • leave to dissolve over low heat without boiling;
  • Carefully divide the pod into half and scrape off the inside with a knife;
  • When the sugar has dissolved, add vanilla to the pan, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool.

Store the syrup in the refrigerator in an airtight container for about 2-3 weeks.
To make real caramel syrup, which can later be used to decorate a variety of desserts and, of course, add to coffee, you need to learn how to melt sugar correctly. The standard set of products is as follows:

  • 2 g vanilla;
  • 400 g brown sugar;
  • 600-650 ml of water.

It is better to cook the dish in a ceramic container; it will not burn in it. To begin, pour 300 g of sugar into a saucepan and melt it over low heat until brown. When it has dispersed, pour water into the container and pour out the remaining sugar and heat for another 10-15 minutes.

When the liquid becomes homogeneous, remove the pan from the heat, allow the product to cool to 40 degrees, add vanilla. Within 1-2 hours the finished product is infused and cooled.

Later it is poured into a bottle and stored in the refrigerator. It is not necessary to make a large portion at once. For the first time, you can take half of all the ingredients.

At home you can prepare delicious syrups from any berries and fruits. The technology is similar to the previous ones. Here, only water is replaced with berry or fruit juice. Syrup, whether homemade or store-bought, is an almost universal thing.

Option one - simple

To create the simplest caramel latte you will need:

  • caramel syrup;
  • ground coffee;
  • milk.

Caramel syrup should be poured into the bottom of a tall, always transparent, cup. Add freshly brewed espresso there and mix it all carefully. Using a cappuccino maker, whisk the milk and pour it into the caramel-coffee mixture. To decorate the drink, you can use syrup, which can be used to easily draw a “picture” on the foam.

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Milk 1 cup. cream 1 cup maple syrup 3/4 cup. whipped cream to taste coffee (strong) 3 cups.

In a saucepan, combine cream, milk and maple syrup. Place over medium heat and heat (do not bring to a boil). Add hot coffee and pour into tall glasses. Top with whipped cream.

Recipe for coffee with syrup.

Here I will talk about a couple of points that need to be taken into account when making coffee with syrup, and I will also add a few recipes.

Don’t forget that syrups have a very sweet taste (yes, not even sweet, but from time to time sickeningly sweet, cloying.). Must be observed?

You also need to be careful when choosing syrup. Some syrups tend to curdle when added to milk or hot water. Therefore, they cannot be added to cappuccino, latte and other hot coffee drinks.

How to choose coffee syrup and which one to buy? Here is a list of favorite brands:

  • 1883 Philibert Routin
  • Monin syrups
  • syrups Fabbri”s Fantasy in Caffe
  • Da Vinci Gourmet syrups
  • Teisseire syrups

Option two - complicated

To prepare a real masterpiece called Kon Pana, you will need:

  • ground coffee (for espresso);
  • whipped cream;
  • milk;
  • caramel syrup;
  • chocolate syrup.

The preparation steps are similar to the first option. The difference is that two types of syrup (caramel and chocolate) are poured into the bottom of the cup, and whipped cream is placed on top of the milk-coffee mixture. Syrup is also used as decoration. The calorie content of this treat is even higher, but the taste is even more divine. So the choice is yours - waistline or incredible taste sensations. As a last resort, there is always the opportunity to find a compromise - after enjoying it, stay longer in the gym. Return to content

Several recipes with the addition of syrup

Espresso and syrup

Coffee with syrup

In a separate vessel, mix the prepared coffee and syrup. Add a few ice cubes to a glass and add 60-80 ml of chilled milk. Pour coffee mixture on top. You can decorate with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Latte and syrup

We will need 1/4 espresso and 3/4 hot milk, which needs to be frothed. Take a glass and add syrup. Then, carefully pour a little milk into it. Whip the other part of the milk until thick foam and place on top. Meanwhile, prepare the coffee. You can prepare regular Turkish coffee or espresso in a coffee machine. Pour into milk in a narrow stream. Later, you can add a little more foam if a trace of coffee appears. You can sprinkle grated chocolate and cinnamon on top. Serve with a cocktail pipe..

Cappuccino and syrup

Take a cup and pour 15 ml into it. any syrup. Then prepare coffee into this cup using a coffee machine, or pour it from a Turkish coffee cup. You need to stir a little. Later pour in the milk that needs to be frothed. Add thicker milk foam on top.

The proportions needed to make a cappuccino are: one third espresso and two thirds milk foam.

Coffee with syrup.

Natural espresso is already excellent in its own right and does not need a description of its wonderful taste features. But not all coffee connoisseurs love it when, after drinking a cup of strong drink, there is a residual aftertaste with a slightly bitter color. Therefore, baristas came up with many options to soften this taste. One of the most popular drinks of this type is coffee with syrup. The fashion for such a cocktail came to us from Western countries and America.

For an ordinary drink, in most cases a traditional recipe is used. No matter what housewife will be able to cook it. Mix sugar, purified water, and fruit juice. Manufacturers, in addition to the indicated products, add a flavor enhancer, dye and a number of other substances to the composition of syrups.

But that is not all

So, recently, instead of syrup, they use caramel sauce or even a specially prepared topping. To give the drink a special aroma, it is also recommended to add vanillin. But you should be careful with this additive, since its excess can ruin both the aroma of coffee and the taste of a three-syllable cocktail. So if you are a novice creator of coffee masterpieces and have no practice in adding spices, it is better to avoid using vanillin.

There are other recipes on special websites online that involve the use of different flavoring additives. But regardless of whether it is a traditional drink or an original recipe, three components are mandatory and these are espresso, milk and, of course, a caramel additive, which can be in the form of syrup, mousse, sauce or topping. Everything else is up to your taste. Return to content

Types and variety of syrups

Various ingredients have been added to coffee and tea since the 18th century in America. It was here that the first coffee shops opened, serving hot drinks with different flavors. The range of such supplements has gradually grown, and today on the market you can find the most exotic combinations of products in one bottle.

Coffee syrups are sweet, aromatic additives that are designed to enhance, highlight or improve the taste of a drink, both hot and cold. If syrup is added to coffee, sugar is no longer added to it.

All syrups available on the market can be divided into the following types:

  • berry and berry-fruit;
  • spicy;
  • with nut flavor;
  • with the taste of desserts.

You can add an item about vegetable tastes to this list, although their variety is still small. Syrups are prepared with sugar or sugar substitutes. If sugar was used, the product will be more expensive; if a substitute is used, it will be cheaper, but safer for some categories of people, for example, those with diabetes.

Below is a description of the best and most popular coffee additives that are loved all over the world:

Caramel syrup is suitable for coffee with pronounced bitterness and strength. It is often combined with milk or cream. It enhances the taste of the milk component and has a light taste and aroma. Ideal for espresso, lattes and cold coffee cocktails.

Vanilla is a classic of the genre. It suits both sour Arabica and bitter Robusta. In the first case, it makes the sourness invisible, in the second, it removes excess bitterness. The syrup has a light and pleasant sweetish taste and goes well with cream and ice cream.

Walnut is the most favorite of all. This is a variety that includes flavors such as hazelnut, almond and even hazelnut. It is unique in that it enhances the nutty aftertaste that is characteristic of some types of Arabica. It is spicy, sweet, sour and fruity at the same time. Best for strong espresso.

Chocolate syrup and coffee is a combination that has not yet been invented better. These two products combine harmoniously with each other, enhance each other’s attractiveness, and are perfect in addition to ice cream, cognac and other alcoholic drinks.

They drink coffee with maple syrup in the morning. It has a light and unusual woody aroma. This product is added not only to drinks and cocktails. It is suitable for meat and fish, which makes it so versatile. Make coffee with mint syrup in the afternoon to slightly invigorate and refresh.

Read online “Maple Syrup Latte (SI)” by Lis Casey – RuLit – Page 1

========== 1. Lavender coffee ==========


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Calories in caramel latte

Now let’s answer the question that primarily worries the fair half of humanity: the calorie content of the resulting drink.

In a standard serving of drink:

  • calorie content: 150-153 Kcal
  • proteins: 3-5 gr.
  • fats: 4-5 gr.
  • Carbohydrates: 23-25 ​​gr.

As we can see, the drink is quite “rich” in calories, so if you are watching your figure or are prone to obesity, you should not drink the drink too often. And one glass every one or two days will only do you good.

Who salted coffee for the first time?

It turns out the French are from a part of the country where there was no tax on salt. That's why they didn't save it. Local pastry chef Andre Le Roux came up with the idea of ​​surprising his guests with something special. He started with salted butter. And then I started experimenting with salted caramel.

This is how various ones appeared:

  • cakes;
  • candies;
  • Dessert;
  • ice cream;
  • coffee;
  • cocktails to which salted caramel is added.

The filling was popularized and toppings began to be prepared that were responsible for this taste. So that coffee lovers don’t have to stand at the stove and make caramel themselves.

How to make caramel syrup

You can buy it, or you can make it yourself

It will come in handy everywhere:

  • in baking;
  • coffee;
  • desserts;
  • ice cream

You can make it and store it in the refrigerator for a long time. To prepare it you will need:

  • sugar (1 cup);
  • 5 tbsp. spoons of butter;
  • 0.5 cups cream.

Place the sugar in a thick-bottomed bowl and cook for 5-6 minutes. Stir gently until all sugar grains dissolve. Then add oil there. When it melts, while pouring in the cream, whisk all the ingredients. Then strain the caramel and use it for a whole year.

Difference from cappuccino

Both cocktails are based on strong espresso. However, a latte macchiato is different from a cappuccino.

  • When making cappuccino, milk is added to the coffee, and not the other way around.
  • The composition of latte macchiato is characterized by a large amount of milk.
  • Latte macchiato is prepared in layers that are clearly visible.
  • Cappuccino is served in special cups made of thick glass. Irish glasses are provided for serving latte.

In addition, these cocktails differ in the time of consumption. Macchiato is best drunk after lunch. Cappuccino is more suitable for drinking in the morning. But such a difference can be called unprincipled.

Is it possible to buy coffee with caramel and how much does it cost?

This is one of the most popular tastes and flavors, so a lot of beans and instant coffee are produced with it. But it is important to understand that the real product is not used in this case - the viscous sweet mass would simply stick the particles together, moisturizing them. These are concentrates, special mixtures, sometimes with sweeteners.

Instant coffee with caramel

There are a lot of such products on the market, and they are usually inexpensive. Thus, Russian stores offer to buy:

  • Moccona (Makkona) with caramel – 95 g, in a glass jar – 300 rubles;
  • Cantata – 50 g, – 600 rub.;
  • 3 in 1 Nescafe – 20 bags – 200 rub.

The composition usually contains freeze-dried granules and flavoring.

Natural coffee beans, whole or ground

The choice of natural grain and ground grains is also quite large, prices usually depend on the brand, the markup for the additive is not that high:

  • Kofesco grain – 255 rubles per 200 grams;
  • Madeo grain – 415 rubles per 200 g package;
  • Just Coffee ground – 435 rubles per pack of 250 g.

There are interesting flavors with rum flavor or with orange and cherry additives, but, again, no alcohol or fruit is used in flavoring.

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