How to ruin your coffee: 5 bad tips for those who want to cheer up

American and Japanese scientists decided to find out whether it is possible to drink coffee before bed. This is a common and affordable energy drink. It contains caffeine, which invigorates and helps you concentrate. In the morning it helps you wake up and restore energy. But coffee before bed can cause insomnia. People who use the drink as a sleeping pill and cannot fall asleep without it think differently.

Why you shouldn't drink coffee at night

Consequences of pleasure

Coffee drinks are valued for their aroma and pleasant aftertaste, and for their ability to warm up. Although the main feature is that it contains caffeine. This component activates brain activity, increases performance, eliminates fatigue, and adds strength. It is a psychostimulant that prolongs wakefulness.

Doctors are convinced that you should not drink caffeinated liquids every day. Even in moderate doses, they excite the nerves, provoke insomnia, and reduce and worsen sleep. Information on the topic in the article “How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee.”

If you allow yourself coffee in the evening, expect consequences - frequent awakenings, nightmares, morning loss of energy, bad mood.

For how long the liquid lasts, read the article “How long does coffee last?”

Scientists from the USA and Japan have found out what will happen if you drink a cup of coffee before going to bed.

Experiences of American scientists

Kenneth Wright and colleagues from Colorado State University showed in 2015 that drinking a cup of coffee every day before bed changes hormonal levels. They found that caffeine delays the production of the hormone melatonin. This causes poor sleep.

Colorado scientists recruited 5 volunteers and placed them in rooms where the lights were on around the clock. For 50 days, they gave people vitamin tablets that contained caffeine every other time. Every day, Kenneth Wright and his colleagues checked how the experimental subjects fell asleep and took samples of their saliva.

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As a result, scientists found that caffeine slows down the biological clock. And if you drink caffeine liquids at night, the production of the hormone melatonin is inhibited for 40 minutes. This effect does not allow people to fall asleep peacefully in order to properly restore strength.

Scientists from the USA also concluded that it is useful to drink strong espresso at night when changing time zones. Then a person quickly adapts to unusual conditions.

Research by Japanese scientists

Japanese scientists also became interested in the topic of whether it is possible to drink coffee at night, and in 2020 they conducted their own research. For the experiment, they selected two groups of students.

Students from one group drank a cup of espresso and settled down to rest for half an hour. After this, their mood lifted, they became more cheerful and attentive. Participants in the second group were not given espresso.

All students took tests on the computer after the experience. The first group of participants showed better results than the second.

Studies have shown that caffeine begins to take effect within 20 minutes. It blocks the action of the molecule adenosine, which promotes sleep.

How to choose a coffee machine

Alternative brewing methods are something of an indulgence for coffee connoisseurs. For example, when you find yourself in camping conditions or want something new. Coffee machines remain the most convenient and popular method of preparation. The choice of such a device also has its own nuances.


  • In a nutshell: to drink delicious coffee, you just need to press a button.

This is the best option if you appreciate good taste and love variety, but don't want to waste time on preparation. A modern automatic coffee machine will do everything for you. Some devices can even brew two cups of coffee at the same time - ideal when everyone is rushing to work in the morning. For example, Maestosa from the Italian company De'Longhi.

De'Longhi coffee machines are assembled at a plant in the Italian province of Treviso

With Maestosa you can make different types of coffee at the touch of a button. And other drinks too - the machine can prepare hot chocolate of different densities, froth ice cubes and espresso into a refreshing creamy coffee, and create cold milk foam for ice coffee in the summer.

For each cup, Maestosa grinds the beans just before brewing, so you get the most aromatic and fresh coffee possible. The coffee machine has two containers, you can fill them with different grain blends and choose the appropriate option for drinks. For example, make a strong, bitter espresso with a dark roast blend and a light cappuccino with light Arabica. You can save your settings for different drinks, and the machine will automatically adhere to them.

Taste settings are set with one touch of the interactive screen. You can choose the degree of grinding of the beans and the intensity of the aroma, strength, milk foam density, and the ratio of coffee to milk. You can set fine settings for your favorite drinks and receive tips on caring for the device in a special mobile application for coffee machine owners.

Mechanical horns

  • In a nutshell: you are your own barista, but you will have to learn some coffee equipment.

These are devices specializing in making espresso. They have a portafilter tube that you fill with ground coffee and insert into the machine. You will need to warm up the mechanical coffee machine, grind the beans, and set the pressure and temperature settings. To make a cappuccino or latte macchiato, you need to froth the milk yourself and follow the proportions.

The espresso from such machines turns out great, and you become a real barista. But while you’re figuring out the device, you’ll probably (definitely) ruin the first few dozen cups.


  • In a nutshell: you can drink good coffee even if you have limited space in the kitchen.

Usually capsule machines are quite small in size, so you can even place one on your desk. Moreover, you don’t have to grind and add coffee. You just need to pour water into the tank and insert a special capsule. Capsule coffee is not bad, but its quality is significantly lower than that prepared using an automatic or carob coffee machine.

For me, making coffee is a favorite ritual. Grind beans, warm up the coffee machine, fill the portafilter with fresh coffee. Now I’m dreaming of a profiled coffee machine! I saw one like this in Portugal; they have a system installed that allows you to control every stage of the water spill. That is, make coffee exactly the way you want - balanced, rich. True, cars like these cost like unicorns. But this is the highest degree of persecution. Usually people just want to drink coffee, and not all this. For example, my mother - she doesn’t have time to understand the structure of the machine and grind grains. She just loves coffee. So we bought her an automatic coffee machine, where you just press a button and the coffee is ready - she’s very happy about it.

Nastya Belousova

How to properly use the invigorating effect

Managing time

You get the benefits of a strong drink when you drink it in small quantities for vigor. Caffeine liquid relieves fatigue somewhat.

Now let's find out how many hours before bedtime you can enjoy a cup of espresso or a caffeinated drink. If you do not want problems sleeping, then drink them no later than four hours before.

It is not harmful to drink caffeinated liquids before bed if you work the night shift. A cup of strong espresso or other coffee will invigorate and energize you.

The effect of caffeine is useful if you are planning to sleep no more than a third of an hour. You will be able to fall asleep quickly, although in such a short time the sleep will be shallow.

Larks and owls

People who sleep after drinking coffee may feel relaxed for a short time. After twenty minutes they begin to act, inhibiting the synthesis of sleep-forming hormones.

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According to this scheme, it is convenient to drink caffeine liquids every four hours. The main thing is to get full rest at the first opportunity so as not to exhaust the body.

While researching the question of whether it is possible to drink coffee at night, American scientists from Colorado State University discovered that the nervous system of early risers is more sensitive to caffeine than that of night owls.

If a “lark” drinks caffeine liquid in the late afternoon, he suffers from insomnia. But night owls calmly transition to deep sleep even after drinking espresso.

Strong coffee - in a small cup

The main argument in favor of small dishes is concern for consumer health. An overdose of caffeine can cause discomfort (your heart jumps out of your chest), but can also harm your health. A small cup of strong coffee is enough to enjoy the taste and invigorate yourself, but not harm yourself. To make sure that a small cup is right, many find it enough to try drinking a large mug of espresso. “Thick” coffee should be drunk in small sips - this way you can fully experience the delights of taste and aroma. For proper coffee consumption, not only the size of the container is important, but also its ability to maintain the temperature of the drink. In many cases, thick-walled porcelain, glass or earthenware cups are preferred.

Who is prohibited from drinking at night?

Natural and even strong coffee drinks provoke a rapid heartbeat, increase blood pressure (blood pressure), and double the level of homocysteine, which can cause heart attack and stroke.

Do not drink at night if you have a weak bladder. Even if caffeine does not act as a stimulant, you will still have to get up to go to the toilet often, as the liquid will act as a diuretic.

If you are healthy, there is nothing to be afraid of. But as a preventative measure, it is better to drink coffee with milk. And in its strong pure form – no more than 2-3 cups a day.

After 30-40 years, doctors recommend that coffee drink lovers give up their evening dose.

We found out how coffee affects sleep. Now let's figure out what to do if the liquid has already been drunk and you need to sleep.

Historical reference

In the 18th century, Europe already loved coffee, but did not have the slightest respect for the Turk. From the very beginning, gourmets tried to avoid boiling during the preparation of the drink. Even before the invention of coffee makers, there was a popular method in which ground beans were poured into a coffee pot, poured with hot water and infused. To prevent grains of grounds from getting into the drink, ground coffee was placed in a linen bag - an analogue of the current paper bag.

But in the 19th century, so many coffee makers of various designs appeared that the ancient method of brewing coffee was almost forgotten. However, professional coffee tasters, regardless of fashion trends, have always preferred to brew the drink the old fashioned way - right in the cup: this is how all the taste advantages and disadvantages of the beans are best revealed.

The fashion for brewing ground beans in a cup returned in the 90s of the 20th century, when consumers were already fed up with instant coffee, but due to lack of time they could not always use a coffee maker.

How to reduce harm and sleep

If you want to drink a caffeinated drink in the evening, you can use methods that neutralize its negative effects:

  • Better drink instant coffee, it contains up to 48 milligrams of caffeine. For comparison, in espresso and Americano - up to 68 milligrams, in natural black - up to 65.
  • Dairy products soften the effects of caffeine. Add milk and 10-15% low-fat cream to drinks.
  • Place a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey in a cup. They will work the same way as dairy products.

If you drank caffeinated liquid at night and can't sleep, try the following tips.

Drink a glass of milk heated to 30-40 degrees, add cinnamon and 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

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Milk can be replaced with mint, linden or chamomile infusion.

Try to relax. Think about pleasant events, remember the best moments of your life, read a book in bed.

Light scented candles or sticks, they are calming. Choose the scent of lavender or lemon balm. If you have valerian, breathe in its infusion.

Walk for half an hour in the fresh air. If you live in an apartment, a balcony will do.

Coffee grounds as fertilizer for your plants

Drying coffee residues
Dried coffee residues, as fertilizer for plants or for compost, are often used by experienced summer residents, but they should be used in moderation, since coffee residues contain a pH that is too acidic and phyto-inhibitors, which interferes with plant growth.

Collect coffee residues in a container and dry them until completely dry, otherwise mold will form from wet lumps.

Dry the coffee grounds thoroughly before using them.

During sowing, you need to ensure that the layer of coffee grounds that you spread at the foot of the seedlings is thin and evenly scattered, since there is a high probability that the grounds will begin to mold and it will be difficult for the seedlings to germinate under the coffee crust.

How to replace an invigorating drink

If you're unsure whether caffeinated liquids will affect your well-being, drink liquids that have a similar aroma and taste before bed instead.

A good option is natural chicory. This drink normalizes metabolism, cleanses the kidneys, and improves well-being in diabetes. Chicory is a short-term tonic, but taking it does not impair the quality of sleep.

The next worthy substitute is barley tea. It contains vitamins, selenium, potassium, amino acids. The drink helps the body produce collagen. If you use it regularly, your skin becomes elastic and your hair becomes stronger. Barley tea strengthens the nerves without stimulating brain activity and thins the blood.

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